Plush bear amigurumi free crochet pattern

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Welcome friends. Today I will share with you a great amigurumi pattern of a teddy bear designed by @kseniya_igrushki. Thank you very much for distributing this design for free.
I know I haven’t shared teddy bear models lately. I said a difference today and shared a teddy bear model. Bear in mind that kids love teddy bears. If you are considering gifting amigurumi, teddy bear may be the right choice for this.
I also recommend using soft rope when knitting the sample. You need to use a different rope in the mouth and nose structure. We use beads as usual for the eyes. In fact, it can be knitted. However, as the eye detail increases, the character deteriorates. I do not suggest.

Now let’s get to the details.

1. Yarn Himalaya DOLPHIN BABY. I had one
hank of the main color + a little white for
2. Hook 3.5 or 4mm (I have 4mm)
3. Eyelets on 12mm secure mount
4. Filler holofiber
5. Scissors
6. The big needle
7. Black and white threads for decoration muzzle and stitches
on a toy (I have Yarnart jeans yarn) and a thread in tone
primary color for sewing on ears and ponytails
And the following three materials in the same color:
1. A piece of felt (3.5 * 3.5 cm)
2. A little yarn to match the nose
3. Quite a bit of complementary Himalaya color
DOLPHIN BABY for heels
* Using these materials, the growth of the toy
it turns out 28-29 cm


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