About Me

Hi guys, first of all. My name is Selena Brown. Welcome to my blog. If you are looking at this page, I am sure you liked my blog. You want to know me better. I am a 35 years old young married woman. I have a 3 years old daughter and a 10 months old son. I am someone who loves knitting art. I finished my education in chemistry. I may have finished a very irrelevant university. It was completely a coincidence that I met Amigurumi. I have heard that such beautiful toys were made before. However, I did not hear much due to research. I think I thought I had no talent.

Then one day I started by knitting the first amigurumi for my daughter. After that day, I continued to knit in my spare time. One day I decided to open a blog with the advice of a friend, and as you can see, I’m here now.

I hope you are satisfied with my posts. You can ask me any questions. You can contact us through the contact section or by direct mail.

With love.

email: [email protected]