Orange Amigurumi Cat Crochet Pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share with you a brand new amigurumi cat free pattern. As you know, I love the cheerleaders prepared with soft yarn. That is why I pay more attention to sharing such amigurumis.
This cat amigurumi is also a beautiful amigurumi made with soft yarn. Thank you very much to Anna Skvortsova, the designer. You have a great Profile. You can reach yourself at this address. (
Now I want to talk about the details crochet cat amigurumi. In general, amigurumi is made with soft yarn. However, the sweater on it was prepared with a harder yarn. However, clothes are usually made with this kind of yarns.
I think it was very compatible. Also, the button detail on the sweater is really beautiful. Although beads are used in the eyes, there is a lot of work on the nose. Of course, there is an event like this.
The more you work, the better the amyguri you create. I really like the amigurumi I hope you like it. Now are you ready to crochet this amigurumi cat pattern? We will work with crochet step by step.

  • Orange Amigurumi Cat Crochet Pattern
  • Orange Amigurumi Cat Crochet Pattern
  • Orange Amigurumi Cat Crochet Pattern