Easy Mimi Teddy Bear amigurumi free pattern

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Hello friends. I continue to share different amigurumi posts as much as possible. The name of this cute amigurumi is mimi! When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a fox, and when I read the description, I realized that it had a nice teddy bear pattern.
In fact, the main reason we think of it as a fox is the color and nose of the amigurumi. The fact that its color is orange brings to mind the fox amigurumi. Thank you very much to @katerina_gapeeva who shared this cute amigurumi pattern for free. I will share the details below.
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Free workshop from Yekaterina Gapeeva on knitting Chanterelles – a character from the children’s cartoon “Mi-mi-teddy bears”. The height of the crocheted toy is about 20 cm. To make such a fox, the author used Alize Cotton Gold yarn and a hook of 1.9 mm. Knitted fox from the cartoon “Mimimishki” will surely appeal to your child!


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