Mish cow amigurumi crochet free pattern

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Hello everyone, guys. I prepared a very good pattern for you today. First of all, thank you very much to the designer @ziyan_tyos. You can follow the instagram profile of the woman who made the design and benefit from the shares. Because she is a very talented woman.
FRIENDS this beautiful amigurumi cow pattern is completely free. When you finish knitting, you will have an amigurumi with a size of 17cm. So it’s a pretty big cow amigurumi model. I’ve never seen a plush cow amigurumi recipe before. Actually the size of this amigurumi is suitable for this.
If anyone wants to knit in that way, I would be very happy if he shares his pictures with me. I really wonder. Maybe a little trouble while making the horns. Because it is a very fine detail. Nevertheless, if you finish knitting in this way, I would be very happy if you share your pictures with me.

A free workshop from Gulnara Ziangirova on knitting a bull named Misha. The height of the knitted toy is about 17 cm. To make the toy, the author used JarnArt Jeans yarn and a 2 mm hook. The arms and legs of our goby are movable thanks to the thread fastening.

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