Beginner Sitting Crochet Cat Free Pattern

Beginner Sitting Crochet Cat Free Pattern

How about starting the day with a beginner cat? I am happy to share a cat amigurumi pattern that you can make in a short time, especially on this beautiful weekend. The ears, which are large and triangular in shape, look really impressive. We see that the amigurumi toy, which has black and big eyes, has white and small paws. I think you will enjoy and be happy making this cat amigurumi toy, which has a pink nose and brown spots, using chenille thread.

Although there are not many details on how to make an amigurumi toy, it is a toy that does not require much action, so it will be enough to fill the toy after making it quickly.

Designer: modelinarnia_

Materials :
– Yarn ( I used Luna art baby fox, for nose Yarn art jeans)
– Hook ( I used 4,5 mm)
– Safety Eyes(I used 12mm)
– Knitting needle
– Scissors
– Stuffing

Abbreviations :
Sc — single crochet
Inc — increase
Dec — decrease
R — row
Mr — Magic ring
FLO: front loop only
Ch — chain
Bob — bobble stitch (5dc)
Dc — double crochet
Fo — fasten off

Body and Head
R1: 6 sc in Mr
R2: 6 inc (12)
R3: (sc, inc) x6 (18)
R4: 2sc, inc, (2sc, inc)x2, (2sc, inc) x3, (24)
R5: (3sc, inc) x6 (30)
R6: 12sc, 8sc, 10sc (30)
R7 :30 sc
R8: 2 sc, 15sc, 13sc (30)
R9: 5 Sc, 10sc 15 sc (30)
R10:(sc, dec) 10 (20)
R11: dec 10 (10)
Place safety eyes between 7-8 rows, 5sc apart and start stuffing.
R12: 10inc FLO (20)
R13: (2sc, inc ) x6, 2sc (26)
R14: 4 sc, 1sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 5sc, inc (30)
R15: 2sc, 10sc, 18sc (30)
R16: 30sc
R17: 20sc, 10sc (30s)
R18: 30 sc
R19: 10 sc, 13 sc, 7 sc (30)
R20: (4sc, dec) x5 (25)
R21: 4sc,BOB, 10sc, BOB, 4sc, BOB, 3sc, BOB (25)
R22: (3sc, dec) x5 (20)
Finish stuffing
R23: 10 dec (10)
Fo, leave long tail and sew hole. Weave in end.

R1: 6sc in Mr
R2: 3 sc, inc, 3sc (7)
R3: 7sc (7)
R4: 7sc (7)
R5: 7sc (7)
R6-8: 7 sc (7)
Don’t stuff
FO, leave long tail to sew

Ears x2
R1: 3sc in Mr
R2: 3 inc (6)
R3: (sc,inc) x 3 (9)
R4: (3sc,inc) x 2, sc (11)
R5: 11 sc (11)
FO, leave long tail
to sew

Ears: Between R3-R5, attach the ears
Tail: Between R18-R20, attach the tail on tback of the cat.
Sew on the nose and whiskers

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