Plush Chicken amigurumi free crochet pattern

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Hello friends. Today I am sharing a nice chicken amigurumi pattern. It will be a very long pattern, but very detailed. The fact that it is detailed is actually quite good for beginners. Because even the smallest details of its production are shared.
If we come to the amigurumi, this is my first chicken amigurumi share. Thank you very much to @NATALKINY_TSATSKI, who made the design. We can follow her on Instagram.
The friend who made the design knitted two different colors. You can use different colors if you wish. I think the plush makes the amigurumi very cute. The shape of the amigurumi is pretty cute anyway.
I like your eyes the most. The white part of the eye is a well thought out detail. In addition, the red eyebrows are noticeably black in the red amigurumi.
You can find other details in the recipe section. Thank you to the friend who made the design for sharing this free recipe. I will be happy if you share the amigurumi with me after completing it.

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Selena Brown

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