Amigurumi bunny crochet free pattern

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Friends, we continue from where we left our adorable amigurumi bunny series. You can see today’s model in the pictures. First of all, thank you very much to the designer @korzina_katerina. she has a very nice share. She also has very nice posts on his Instagram page. You can follow.
Friends I know, bunny amigurumi is in high demand. I try to share bunny models as much as I can. As you know, all of these patterns are free. Of course I am not doing these. We share designers who like to share, and we organize them and collect them in one place. In order to reach more people.
In this way, the art of amigurumi develops. This bunny model is similar to a model that is highly sought after. Soft rope is generally preferred in Amigurumi rabbit models. Upon completion, it becomes a plush amigurumi. You can look at the posts I’ve made before. This model is a little different.
In order to be an idea for you, I shared pictures of models knitted in different shapes and colors. You can also see other photos by switching between Safyas. I hope you like. Love to all of you friends.

We offer to knit a toy bunny amigurumi according to the author’s description from @korzina_katerina. According to this scheme, you can make both a bunny boy and a bunny girl. For the manufacture of toys it is better to use cotton or acrylic yarn.
Instagram: @korzina_katerina


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