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Dear friends, welcome to my blog. Today I will share a pretty cute amigurumi teddy bear pattern. Thank you very much to @venesuela13, the designer. She knits in several different colors for her example. Like the brown one or the white one?
I can say that I like the white one more. It looks very cute because the yarn used is different. Of course, it is not an easy-to-build amigurumi teddy bear. I know it’s hard to make layered models. But when you finish knitting it will be a beautiful teddy bear.
I liked the ears and eye area the most in this amigurumi teddy bear. I think it adds a very realistic atmosphere. In general, this teddy bear has a very different structure. It’s not a plain plain model. I think you need some time to make this pattern.
Even the details on his toes have been considered. Also, the feather feeling on the rope is very cute. makes it look like a real teddy bear. I will be very happy if you share your pictures with me after your friends have finished knitting amigurumi.
May it be easy for all of you.


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Selena Brown

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