Unicorn amigurumi crochet free pattern

What do you think of when you say a cute amigurumi? Yes unicorn!
Hello friends. We continue our sharing series today. Today, there is a very cute unicorn pattern. Colorful, just like a rainbow. Maybe we can do it this way.
As we all know, the unicorn is a mythological unicorn. You can often come across fairy tales and mythological stories. I have a lot of cartoon about Unicorn. I think the most popular of these is my little ponny.
It is published in almost all languages. There are many colorful characters and children love it. That’s why their amigurumi is very popular. In the amigurumi pattern, which we will examine today, you will see a very beautiful character prepared using a hard yarn.
Her pretty hair is prepared with the colors of the rainbow. I wouldn’t recommend adding different colors. It is bad to use different colors because it is familiar to the eye. And he has a very cute horn. Now let’s crochet the unicorn amigurumi step by step.

Beads were used for her eyes. As you know, using beads will save you a lot of time. Yarnart jeans yarn is recommended as a yarn.
When completed, it will be 15 cm in size.
Many thanks to “Valentina Voskovniuk” who made the design. Instagram’s profile: @valentinavoskovniuk


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