Plush Little Mouse Amigurumi Free PDF Pattern

Plush Little Mouse Amigurumi Free PDF Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, I have given information about mouse amigurumi patterns before and I have shared free amigurumi patterns. Now if you are ready, I will share a new mouse amigurumi pattern. The crochet mouse pattern that I will share today has a very simple design and a very detailed explanation. In this way, I think you can make the tiny mouse amigurumi toy much easier. The amigurumi mouse has a chubby body, but its arms and legs seem to be quite small. Let’s not forget that the mouse amigurumi has a small tail.

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YouTube – GoozellToys

To crochet you need:
– plush yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby or analogues (100% polyester, 100g/120 mt or 3,53 oz/131 yrds) – less than half 1 skein;
– 4 mm hook / US size G;
– 12mm safety black eyes (link to AliExpress – http://a/,09);
– fiberfiller;
– strong thread or yarn for tightening of the face (mouse color);
– fine black yarn for eyebrows; – fine pink yarn for nose;
– scissors, stitch markers, yarn needle (with a blunt end and large eye).

Abbreviations (US terminology used)
ch — chain
slst — slip stitch
sc — single crochet
hdc — half double crochet
dc — double crochet
dec — single crochet decrease (crochet 2 sc together or do an invisible decrease) inc – single crochet increase (do 2 sc in next st)
() – number in brackets marks the amount of stitches in the round.
The toy is made in spiral rounds.
I use the second method of crocheting sc from my video — https://youtu.behLweytE9u68 (watch from 1:30) or here

Plush Little Mouse Amigurumi Free PDF Pattern (3)

Make 5 ch, don’t join, crochet around the chains
Round 1: beginning from the 2′ ch from hook:
3 sc in 1. ch, 2 sc, 3 sc in last ch, turn (on the opposite side): 2 sc (10)
Round 2: 3 inc, 2 sc, 3 inc, 2 sc (16)
Round 3-4: 16 sc (16) — 2 rounds
The end of the 4th round should be exactly in the center (see photo). If your end of the round has shifted, then add or dissolve the required number of sc.

Round 5: 4 sc, 2 inc, 1 sc, in next stitch — (1 sc, 2 hdc, 1sc), then 1 sc, 2 inc, 5 sc (23)
Round 6: 4 sc, 2 dec, 2 sc, 1 sc3tog, 1 sc, 2 dec, 5 sc (17)
sc3tog — insert hook into 1st sc, draw up loop, insert hook into 2nd sc, draw up loop, insert hook into 3rd sc, draw up loop, yarn over and pull hook through all loops.
Round 7: 1 sc, 3 dec, 1 sc, 4 dec, 1 sc (10)

Set eyes in 9th round at a distance of 2 stitches from each other.
Stuff the head in the process of crochet (pay special attention to filling the cheeks and nose).
Round 8: 1 sc, 2 dec, 1 sc, 2 dec (6)
Round 9: 6 inc (12)
Round 10: (1 sc, 1 inc).6 times (18)

Stuff the head and base of the neck completely and tighten the head as shown in the video (do not tighten between the eyes). The arrows in the photo indicate the points of tightening

Round 11-14: 18 sc (18)-4 rounds
Find the center loop at the back and crochet the required number of stitches to it. I needed to make 4 sc. This will be the new end of the round (see photo below).
Round 15: 1 sc, 3 dec, 3 sc, 3 dec, 2 sc (12)
Round 16: 2 sc, 1 sc3tog, 3 sc, 1 sc3tog, 1 sc (8) + 1 slst in next loop.
Cut the yarn, leaving a 6″ tail.
Stuff the body completely, fold the bottom of body and sew with a needle, hide yarn end inside the body.

EARS (make 2):

Begin with 2 ch. (you can begin with a magic ring but please bear in mind that is is difficult to tighten a plush magic circle):
Round 1: 6 sc in 2. loop from hook (or in magic ring) (6)
Round 2: 6 inc (12), 1 slst in next loop.
Finish crocheting with 1 ch, cut the yarn, leaving a 8″ tail.

HANDS (make 2):
Make 6 ch
Row 1: beginning from the 2′ ch from hook — 2 slst, 3 sc
Finish crocheting with 1 ch, cut the yarn, leaving a 6″ tail.

LEGS (make 2):
Make 3 ch
Row 1: in 3′ ch from hook — 1 dc, 2 ch, 1 slst.
Finish crocheting with 1 ch, cut the yarn, leaving a 6″ tail.

Make 6 ch, then cut the yarn, leaving a 6″ tail.
tighten the last loop, pull the end of the yarn. Using a needle, bring the end of the yarn to the beginning of crocheting (through the chain).

1. Sew the ears, placing them along the line of the beginning of crocheting.

2. Place the hands on the sides of the body at an angle of about 45 degrees. At the same time, choose the position of the hand so that it is wrapped towards the body. Sew the upper edge of the hand to the body.

3. Sew the legs, placing them closer to the front of the body with the convex part up.
4. Sew the tail so that it is a support and the mouse can stand by itself

5. Embroider nose and mouth with pink fine yarn

6. Embroider eyebrows with black fine yarn

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