Plush Bunny amigurumi in dress free crochet pattern

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Guys, first of all hello to everyone. Dear friends, how are you today? Today I will give you a very cute bunny free crochet pattern. I hope you will like it. It is very good that such sharing has increased recently.
I usually like to share plush amigurumi patterns. You can already see this from my posts. A wonderful amigurumi in this plush bunny. We all love bunnies so much in our children 🙂

Free workshop from Olga Gayevskaya with changes from Elena Budnikova on knitting a plush hare in a dress.
The height of the crocheted toy is approximately 33 cm. Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn and a suitable size hook were used to make such a large bunny. From the description of the scheme, you will also learn how to knit a dress for our bunny of plush yarn.


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