Squirt the Turtle Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

Squirt the Turtle Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern (2)

How about making a turtle that is very cute and resembles a blanket? This cute amigurumi toy is made using velvet yarn and I must say that it has a very unusual design because its body is not stuffed. 14mm safety eyes were used to make the eyes of the amigurumi toy and 4 different types of thread were preferred. Although the amigurumi toy, which uses an 8mm crochet hook, has a simple pattern, it is quite large.

When making an amigurumi toy, you can choose colors that are close to each other and have a lighter tone. However, this type of amigurumi will have a very delicate structure.

Designer: willow.andwild

Yarn Used
Bulky Weight 6
Bernat Blanket – Sand
Bernat Blanket – Aquatic
Bernat Blanket – Taupe
Bernat Blanket – Almond

Additional Supplies
– Stuffing
– 14mm Safety Eyes
– Hook L 8mm
– Tapestry Needle
– Stitch Markers
– Scissors

Stitch Abbreviations
Sc Single Crochet
Inc Single Crochet Increase
Dec Single Crochet Decrease
Hdc Half Double Crochet
Hdc Inc Half Double Crochet Increase
Hdc Dec Half Double Crochet Decrease
Sl St Slip Stitch
Ch Chain
FLO Front Loop Only

Special Stitches
Invisible Colour Change Hdc Performed on the stitch before the colour change: Begin Hdc (Yarn over, insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop). There are 3 loops on the hook. Using new colour, pull through all three loops to complete the stitch. Tie off both yarn tails to secure stitch.

In Aquatic:
1. 8 Sc into Magic Ring (8)
2. Inc x 8 (16)
3. (Sc 1, Inc) x 8 (24)
4-6. Sc around (24) (3 Rounds x 24 Sc = 72 Sc)
7. (Sc 3, Inc) x 6 (30)
8-9. Sc around (30) (2 Rounds x 30 Sc = 60 Sc)
10. (Sc 3, Dec) x 6 (24)
11. (Sc 2, Dec) x 6 (18)
12. (Sc 1, Dec) x 6 (12)
Place safety eyes between rounds 7 & 8, 5 stitches apart. (PHOTO A)
If embroidering eyes, loop yarn through repeatedly until you have a full, round eye. Tie ends off and leave the tails inside the head.
Nose can be added at this time, or at the end.
Refer to Page 6 for instructions.
Stuff the head until the desired firmness is achieved.
13. Dec x 6 (6)
Tie off, leaving a 6” tail. Using a tapestry needle, finish off the head by picking up the front loops of the final 6 stitches. Pull tight to close and then hide the yarn tail through the piece and trim the excess. (PHOTO B)

Arms (Make 2)
In Aquatic:
1. 5 Hdc into Magic Ring (5)
2-4. Hdc around (5) (3 Rounds x 5 Hdc = 15 Hdc)
5. Hdc 3, Hdc Dec (4)
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing onto the body. (PHOTO C)
Set aside for sewing later.

In Taupe:
1. 8 Hdc into Magic Ring (8)
2. Hdc Inc x 8 (16)
3. (Hdc 1, Hdc Inc) x 8 (24)
4. (Hdc 2, Hdc Inc) x 8 (32)
5. (Hdc 7, Hdc Inc) x 4 (36)
Sl st and fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing onto the body.
Attach Almond to any stitch:
6. In FLO: (Sc, Sl st) in each stitch around (72)
Fasten off and set aside for sewing onto the body later. (PHOTO D)

In Sand:
Begin by holding the head upside down and face pointing away from you.
Note: You will be placing 6 sc into the bottom of the head (using Round 13 as a guide for stitch placement).
You will start the row at the back of the head.
1. 6 sc into head (6) (PHOTO E)
2. Hdc Inc x 6 (12)
3. (Hdc 1, Hdc Inc) x 6 (18)
4. (Hdc 2, Hdc Inc) x 6 (24)
5. Hdc around (24)
6. (Hdc 3, Hdc Inc) x 6 (30)
7-8. Hdc around (30)
(2 Rounds x 30 Hdc = 60 Hdc)
9. (Hdc 3, Hdc Dec) x 6 (24)
10. (Hdc 2, Hdc Dec) x 6 (18)
Add extra Hdc to get to the centre of the back.
Do not fasten off yet, you will go directly to the leg instructions.

Lay the body flat to figure out how to place the legs (There will be 5 stitches designated for each leg, that will leave 8 stitches unworked). Recall that on the previous page that you added extra Hdc to get to the centre of the back.
Using stitch markers, mark 5 stitches for each leg, with a 4 stitch gap in between on each side. (PHOTO F). Add extra Hdc to get to the first st marker, if needed.

First Leg
Invisible colour change to Aquatic. Leave a 10” yarn tail of Sand for sewing later.
1. Sl st, Sc in the same st, Sc Inc x 4 (10) (PHOTO G)
(The Sl st helps reduce the appearance of the colour change).
2. (Sc 4, Inc) x 2 (12)
3. (Sc 2, Dec) x 3 (9)
4. (Sc 1, Dec) x 3 (6)
Fasten off and weave in tail. (PHOTO H)

Second Leg
Add Aquatic yarn to Round 10 of body. The second leg will be worked the same way as the first leg. (PHOTO I)
Use the 10” yarn tail to sew closed the gap between the legs. (PHOTO J)

Attach the arms to Round 2 of the body, on either side. (PHOTO K)
Position the shell onto the back, the top of the shell will sew into Round 2, between the arms.
Sew the shell onto the body using the long yarn tail in Taupe. You can sew through the BLO in Round 6 of the shell, or sew a back stitch through Round 5 of the shell to the body. (PHOTO L)

In Black:
Sew two nostrils into Round 9 on a diagonal, positioned between the eyes.
Secure the ends inside the head. (PHOTO M)

In Aquatic:
1. 8 Sc in Magic Ring (8)
2. Inc x 8 (16)
3-4. Sc around (16)
(2 Rounds x 16 Sc = 32 Sc)
5. (Sc 2, Dec) x 4 (12)
6. (Sc 1, Dec) x 4 (8)
7-9. Sc around (8)
(3 Rounds x 8 Sc = 24 Sc)
Lightly stuff the ball of the tail so that it holds its shape.

10. Fold in half and Sc the edges together (Sc 4) (PHOTO N)
Fasten off and sew between the legs and shell. (PHOTO O)

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