Teddy bear amigurumi with bow tie crochet pattern

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Welcome to my blog. I have a little surprise for you today. I’m going to share a pretty cute teddy bear amigurumi pattern. You will love this little amigurumi.
Tatyana Kostochenkova prepared this amigurumi, which was prepared using a very thin hook. Thank you very much. If we come to the amigurumi, you will see that color harmony is very important.
You can also use different things instead of a pab. You can use different materials instead of beads while creating your eyes. It is really important to use different colors on your feet and nose. Do not forget to make the cheek colors.
The friend of the model suggested Yarnart Jeans yarn as the yarn. You also need to use 2mm hooks as hooks. Because this amigurumi is quite small. Now I am sharing the sample with you.


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Selena Brown

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