Plush big floppy ears bunny amigurumi free pattern

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Are you looking for a very cute bunny with giant ears and wonderful eyes? Then you can knit this cute plush amigurumi that we shared with you for free.
Hello everyone, guys. I wanted to make a different entry today. Actually, I know that I shared a lot of bunny amigurumi. But I think it’s one of the cutest. Don’t worry about the ingredients.
You can find all the necessary materials in the detailed section. First of all thank you to @nastyakravchenko27, who designed this wonderful amigurumis. You can follow the Instagram address.
When you go to Instagram account, I would appreciate if you thank him in my place. There are beautiful amigurumis. Of course, I think one of the most beautiful is this bunny model. Of course, you can knit it in different colors.
This is up to your creativity. It looks pretty cute as it is already plush. If you follow my posts, you can see a lot of plush amigurumi. Please continue to follow our page.
I will be very happy if you share the pictures with me after completing the amigurumi.


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