Little and cute bear amigurumi free pattern

Hello friends. How are you today. If you ask me, I am very pleased. Today we had a nice day with my daughter and in the evening I searched some amigurumi pattern for you and came across a few examples. I wanted to share these with you.
The first is a tiny amigurumi teddy bear model. A very cute but rather small model. I am actually in favor of making bear figures big. The characters of the bear are quite big in all the movies and videos.
That’s why we have an eye for big bears. It can embrace more easily in children. Such small toys are usually for more adult children. It happens to those who use it as a key ring. But usually kids use it.
You can even make it to hang in your bag as an ornament. He will go happier on his way to school. This cute amigurumi will accompany your child every day.
Now I want to share the details about amigurumi without extending the promise. You can find the free amigurumi example at the end of the topic.

The amigurumi bears in the photo are connected by different columns: a check mark, a cross and the back loops. Below you will find the author’s description of knitting an amigurumi bear from Katerina Gushchina (@katerina_gushchina_). To make a teddy bear, the author uses Alize Bella yarn and a 1.5 mm hook. The size of the finished toy is 7-8 cm.


Alize Bella yarn, 50 g/180 m (100% cotton)
1.5 mm crochet hook
2 mm glass beards for eyes
Black embroidery floss
Pink dry pastel crayon
Sewing needle and scissors

sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st : Slip Stitch
ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only
BL : Bobble Stitch – do 5dc all in the same stitch and then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook (the original loop + 1 loop for each partially completed dc).

  • Little and cute bear amigurumi free pattern
  • Little and cute bear amigurumi free pattern
  • Little and cute bear amigurumi free pattern

R 1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R 2: inc*6 (12)
R 3: (1 sc, inc)*6 (18)
R 4: (2 sc, inc)*6 (24)
R 5: (3 sc, inc)*6 (30)
R 6: (4 sc, inc)*6 (36)
R 7-12: 36 sc (6 rows)
R 13: (4 sc, dec)*6 (30)
R 14: (3 sc, dec)*6 (24)
R 15: (2 sc, dec)*6 (18)
R 16: (1 sc, dec)*6 (12)
R 17: dec*6 (6)

Legs (make 2)
R 1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R 2: inc*6 (12)
R 3-5: 12 sc (3 rows)
Don’t cut the yarn when you will finish the second leg!

R 6: From second leg: 2 ch, join with the first leg, 12 sc on the firs leg, 2 ch, 12 sc on the second leg (28)

Continue crocheting the body in the round:
R 7-11: 28 sc (5 rows)
(1 sc, dec)*repeat to the end, closing the hole.
F.o. and leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew up the hole between legs.

Sew the feet together with some stitches.

Arms (make 2)
R 1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R 2-6: 6 sc (5 rows)
F.o. and leave a long tail for sewing.

Ears (make 2)
R 1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R 2: 6 sc
F.o. and leave a long tail for sewing.

Make 4 ch.
R 1: From the 2nd ch from hook: 3 sc, 1 turning chain
R 2-5: 3 sc, 1 turning chain
R 6: 3 sc

Wrap the middle of the bow with yarn a couple of times and sew to the head.

Embroider mouth, nose and eyebrows.
Tint cheeks using dry pastel crayon.