Deer Amigurumi free crochet pattern

Friends, today I will share with you a great deer amigurumi pattern with the size of 40cm. It’s completely free. Thank you very much to @nina_sukhina who shared this free deer amigurumi pattern. You can follow him on Instagram. If we come to the details about Amigurumi.
It is very difficult to find such amigurumi pattern for free. Especially deer models. Characters that are highly ingenious and creative. It is very troublesome to design. Since it takes a lot of time, designers often put it on sale. So thank you very much to @nina_sukhina for sharing this beautiful pattern.
Coming to the Amigurumi pattern, it is a very complex model. A pattern that I do not recommend to beginners. It is prepared with very fine details and is quite large. You complete it by knitting all but the eyes. Even the details on the horns can take days for a novice.
If you get bored very quickly, I do not recommend this recipe very much. You can find the easier patterns on this website. If we come to the deer’s clothing, you can try different colors. I recommend using a same quality thread as the thread. May it be easy for you.
I will be very happy if you share it with me after completing the design.


Yarn of four colors (semi-cotton 270-330 m / 100 g): brown 10 g, beige 30-40 g, a little white and yarn of clothing color 30-40 g (approximate calculation)
Eyes D = 10 mm

sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st : Slip Stitch
ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only
BL : Bobble Stitch – do 5dc all in the same stitch and then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook (the original loop + 1 loop for each partially completed dc).

1p- 8 sc in MR(8)
2p- (inc)*8 time (16)
3p- (1 sc, inc)* 8 time (24)
4p- (2 sc, inc)*8 time (32)
5p- (3 sc, inc)*8 time (40)
6p- (4 sc, inc)*8 time (48)
7p- (5 sc, inc)*8 time (56)
8p-12p- 56 sc (56)
13p- (3 dec, 22 sc)*2 times (50)
14p- 50 sc (50)
15p- (dec, 23 sc)*2 times (48)
1бp-19p- 48 sc (48)
20p- (dec, 4 sc)*8 time (40)
21p- 40 sc (40)
22p- (dec, 3 sc)*8 time (32)
23p- 40 sc (40)
Between 15-16p – fix the eyes, start stuffing.
24p- (dec, 2 sc)*8 time (24)
25p- (dec, 1 sc) *8 time (16)
26p- (dec)*8 time (8), sl st
Using a needle, we tighten the loops.

Ears (2 times)
1p- 6 sc in MR (6)
2p- 6 sc(6)
3p- (inc)*6 time (12)
4p- 12 sc (12)
5p- (1 sc,inc)*6 time (18)
6p-7p- 18 sc (18)
8p- (dec, 7 sc)*2 times (16)
9p- (dec, 6 sc)*2 times (14), sl st

Horns, legs, arms, nose – don’t stuff!

Horns (2 times.)
1 part:
1p- 9 sc in MR (9)
2p-17p- 9 sc (9), sl st

2 part:
1p- 8 sc in MR (8)
2p-8p- 8 sc(8), sl st

3 part:
1p- 8 sc in MR (8)
2p-6p- 8 sc (8), sl st

1p- 8 sc in MR (8)
2p- (inc)*8 time (16)
Зp- (1 sc, inc)*8 time (24)
4p- 24 sc (24)
5p- (dec, 1 sc)*8 time (16)
6p- (dec)*8 time (8), cc

Hands (2 times)
We start with dark yarn:
1p- 6 sc in MR (6)
2p- (inc)*6 time (12)
3p-4p- 12 sc (12)
Change the color of the yarn (beige):
13p-25p- 12 sc (12)
Change the color of the yarn (T-shirt color):
26p-31p- 12 sc (12)
32p- (dec)*6 time (6), sl st

Legs (2 times.)
We start with dark yarn:
1p- 7 sc in MR (7)
2p- (inc)*7 time (14)
3p-4p- 14 sc (14)
Change the color to beige:
5p-32p- 14 sc(14), sl st

We start with beige yarn:
1p- 8 sc in MR (8)
2p- (inc)*8 time (16)
3p- (1 sc, inc)*8 time (24)
4p- (2 sc, inc)*8 time (32)
5p- (3 sc, inc)*8 time (40)
6p- (4 sc, inc)*8 time (48)
7p-11p- 48 sc(48)
12p- (dec, 22 sc)*2 times (46)
13p- 46 sc (46) behind the back wall
14p- (dec, 21 sc)*2 times (44)
15p- 44 sc(44)
1бp- (dec, 20 sc)*2 times (42)
17p- 42 sc(42)
18p- (dec, 19 sc)*2 times (40)
19p- 40 sc (40)
20p- (dec, 18 sc)*2 times (38)
21p- 38 sc (38)
22p- (dec, 17 sc)*2 times (36)
23p-24p- 36 sc (36)
25p- (dec, 4 sc)*6 time (30)
26p- 30 sc (30)
27p- (dec, 3 sc)*6 time (24)
We’re starting to stuff.
28p- (dec, 2 sc)*6 time (18)
29p- 18 sc behind the back wall (18)
30p- 18 sc (18), sl st

If you knit striped, alternate color through every three rows.
We return to 29r of the torso, we have loose front walls of loops. Here we will type loops, turning the torso (let’s knit from top to bottom)
1p- 18 sc(18)
2p- (2 sc, inc)*6 time (24)
3p- (3 sc, inc)*6 time(30)
4p- (4 sc, inc)*6 time (36)
5p- (5 sc, inc)*6 time (42)
бp- (6 sc, inc)*6 time (48)
7p-22p- 48 sc (48), sl st
Sew on the arms and legs.

We knit in the same way as a T-shirt. We return to the 13th row of the body, we collect single crochets:
1p- 46 sc (46)
2p- (inc, 21 sc)*2 times (48)
3p-16p — 48 sc (48), sl st

Next, knit the legs: divide the knitting in half 48: 2 = 24. Each leg – 24 sc. We knit each one in turn. In length – 5 rows.

Sew the horns (1 part, the other two), sew.
Fold the ear in half, sew, and sew. We also sew the nose.
Sew the head to the body. Decorate the T-shirt with a button.

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