Crochet Penguin Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

Crochet Penguin Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern 1

Winter is coming, are you ready to make penguin amigurumi? My dear friends. Today I am going to share an amazing penguin pattern with you for free. Really great pattern. The defining points of the penguin amigurumi are quite cute. His eyes, his nose, his feet. Penguins are cute animals living in Antarctica. I love this kind of animal amigurumi patterns. It looks both pretty rare and very cute. The crochet penguin amigurumi pattern is completely free. The scarf and hat of the amigurumi have no patterns. So I apologize to you. If you wish, you can knit a different hat and scarf. You can find more details about the pattern below. Now let’s crochet the penguin amigurumi step by step.

Happy Amigurumi Day to you all! ???

As I’ve announced before, here’s the free pattern of my sweet PenguBen. Although there’s one little trick: yes, I’ve posted the whole pattern of the penguin, BUT except for the hat-scarf-mitten set! I’ll share the set’s pattern with only the ones who finish the Ben ? You can make the penguin without that, of course, he’s cute as it is ? Or you can share its finished pic and I’ll give you the free pattern of the set.

So, don’t forget to tag me after doing it ? Let’s start to crochet!

Designer: @engurumist


MR – magic ring
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Inc – increase
Dec – decrease
Sc3tog – single crochet 3 together
(decrease 3 stitches into one)
Sl st – slip stitch
BLO – back loop onlg
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet
DCinc – double crochet increase

1- MR 6sc
2- 6inc — 12sc
3- (1sc 1inc)*6 — 18sc
4- 1sc, (2DC 1DCv)*2, 12sc — 18sc

Head and Body

1- MR 8sc
2- 8inc — 16sc
3- (1sc 1inc)*8 — 24sc
4- (3sc 1i nc)”6 — 30sc
5- (4sc 1i nc)”6 — 36sc
6- (5sc 1i nc)”6 — 42sc
7- (6sc 1inc)*6 — 48sc
8- (7sc 1i nc)”6 — 54sc
9-15- 54sc (7 rounds)
16- (17sc 1inc)*3 — 57sc
17- (18sc 1i nc)”3 — 60sc
18- (19sc 1i nc)”3 — 63sc
19-21- 63sc (3 rounds)
22- (20sc 1inc)”3 — 66sc
23-32- 66sc (10 rounds)
Now insert the eyes between the rounds 15-16, but pass them through the white eye pieces first.
33- (10sc linc)*6 — 72sc
34-36- 72sc (3 rounds)
37- (10sc ldec)*6 — 66sc
38- (9sc ldec)*6 — 60sc
39- BLO (8sc ldec)*6 — 54sc
40- (7sc ldec)*6 — 48sc
41- (6sc ldec)*6 — 42sc
42- (5sc ldec)*6 — 36sc
43- (2sc ldec)*9 — 27sc
44- (1sc ldec)*9 — 18sc
45- 9dec — 9sc fasten off.

1- MR 6sc
2- (1sc linc)*3 — 9sc
3- (2sc linc)*3 — 12sc
4- 12sc
5- 4sc, 4inc, 4sc — 16sc
6-7- 16sc
8- 6sc, 4inc, 6sc — 20sc
9- 20sc
10- (4sc linc)*4 — 24sc
11-14- 24sc (4 rounds)
15- (2sc ldec)*6 — 18sc
16- (1sc ldec)*6 — 12sc
Leave a long tail for sewing.
Fold and sew 2 opposite stitches. Don’t stuff.

1- MR 4sc
2- (1sc linc)*2 — 6sc
3- (2sc linc)*2 — 8sc
4- (3sc linc)*2 — 10sc
5- (4sc linc)*2 — 12sc
6- (3sc linc)*3 — 15sc
Leave a long tail for sewing, don’t stuff.


1- 21 ch, starting at the 2nd chain 1sc to each — 20sc
2-8- 20sc ** At the end of the rows 1ch and turn it back.
9- 1sc3tog, 14sc, 1sc3tog 16sc
10- ldec, 12sc, 1dec 14sc
11- 1sc3tog, 8sc, 1sc3tog 10sc
12- 1dec, Esc, 1dec 8sc
13- 1 sl st, 1sc, 1HDC, 2DC,1HDC, 1sc, 1 sl st — 8 stitches Make sc to all around and finish.


1- MR 6sc
2- 6inc — 12sc
3-4- 12sc
5- (3sc linc)*3 — 15sc
6- (4sc linc)*3 — 18sc
Fold it, we’re going to make 9 stitches by taking the 2 opposite sc together.***

***I skip, (1HDC 1DC 1HDC),
1 skip, 1sc, (1HDC 1DC 1HDC),
1 skip, 1sc, (1HDC 1DC 1HDC),
1 sI st, finish.
Leave a long tail for sewing, don’t stuff.

Crochet Penguin Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern 2

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