Beginner Easter Egg Free PDF Crochet Pattern

Beginner Easter Egg Free PDF Crochet Pattern (1)

Yes friends, today is Easter and I will share an Easter amigurumi pattern that you can prepare in a few hours. This Easter amigurumi toy, which will be a very small gift, has a very simple pattern. The only point that may challenge you about this beginner-level amigurumi toy is its symmetrical ears made using white and light pink colors. You can see the design details on the ears within the pattern. It is clearly seen that the lower part of the ears was folded in half and then joined together, thus sewing the ears to the head adjacent to each other.

Designer: GuichaiDolls

“Depends on the yarn and hook used”
About 7 (Body) + 5 (Ears) cm. tall – When crocheted with Sport yarn weight. and 3.0 mm hook.
#If you want the doll to be larger or smaller
you can use the original pattern but change the size of the crochet hook and yarn weight.

# Crochet hook 3.0 mm.
# Safety eyes for toys 8 mm.
# Fiberfill
# Fine/Sport yarn weight, Thickness 2.2 mm. (12-18 wpi)

slst slip stitch.
sc single crochet.
inc increase.
dec decrease
hdc half double crochet.
ch Chain

Body : make 1 piece : Color as you like

Row Code St.
1 MR, 6sc. 6
2 6inc. 12
3 [sc, inc]*6 times. 18
4 18sc. 18
5 [2sc, inc]*6 times. 24
6 24sc. 24
7 [3sc, inc]*6 times. 30
8 30sc. 30
9 30sc. 30
10 [4sc, inc]*6 times. 36
11 36sc. 36
12-13 36sc. 36
14 15sc, Mark, 6sc, Mark, 15sc. 36
15-17 36sc. 36
Attach eyes on the Marked points.
18 2sc, dec, [4sc, sc, dec]*5 times, 2sc. 30
19 [3sc, dec]*6 times. 24
20 12dec. 12
21 6dec. 6
Fasten off, sew 6 loops together.

Ears :
Pink 2 pieces : Dark pink 2 pieces
Row Code St.
1 10ch, Crochet in the second chain from the hook., 8sc, 4sc in same stitch, Crochet with other side 8sc. 20
Pink : Hide yarn end.
Dark pink : Join with pink piece,
Crochet together, picture 1.
2 1ch turn, 4sc, 4hdc, 4inc, 4hdc, 4sc. 24
Fasten off, leave yarn for sewing

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