Hello friends. When we say bunny amigurumi, I think we can think of you now. We shared quite a lot of free rabbit patterns :). I am here again with a bunny today.
In fact, this will be the second rabbit. The first one was a little bit of a model. In fact, when you look at the dimensions, it is 2cm smaller than the amigurumi. However, since their body structures are different, it looks very small, albeit long.
These bunnies are a bit chubby. I think these appeal to slightly older kids. Do not forget to make different dresses after completing the amigurumi. Let your child dress these amigurumis.
It will have a different game purpose. My advice is to use the materials in the pattern. May it be easy for you all.

Plush bunnies crocheted from Alize Softy yarn. See the pattern of knitting amigurumi hare from Julia Kravchenko. From the description of the scheme, you will also learn how to knit a jumpsuit for a toy decorated with fluffy buboes. For one bunny you will need one skein of yarn of the main color. The height of the finished knitted hare is about 19 cm without ears.